Train people well enough so they can leave treat them well enough so they don´t want to

Richard Branson

Turning scientific ideas into medicines

Tamin Pharmed research and development strategy is involved in potential drugs discovery and designed in process of bringing a new pharmaceutical products, innovative nutritional supplements, unmet biosimilar products to the market through the filed of medicine.

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Making our medicines accessible and affordable

Our research and development consistently evolve cutting edge innovation that ensure delivery of quality pharmaceutical solution that add value to life.

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The only Way to do a great job is to love what you do

Our people are the most valuable asset to suceed in the dynamic, competitive and expanding healthcare market. This is why in Tamin Pharmed we put as a priority the development of our team, assuring a great place to work. We continually seek to grow our organization through the recruitment of people who are talented, creative and motivated. In Tamin Pharmed we believe that loving what we do is the only way to do a great work, and the only way to be satisfied with it.

Partnership (About You)


Loyalty, commitment, communication and building win-win solutions is at the heart of every relationship we establish.

We are not seeking many relationships – just the right ones, and we are proud that some of the Iran most respected Pharmaceutical Companies are already our partners.

For our Customers

Tamin Pharmed offers our customers a higher level of service, reliability and accountability.

We seek to increase the availability of life changing medicines by offering high quality products at real world prices, to have genuine investment in your communities, and to work directly with you for a fairer solution to your pharmaceutical needs.